Are your employees flourishing?

Measure employee engagement every year in a grand survey? Not always sure what to do with the results or how to get them to increase? This tool is for you. It’s designed for individuals to take stock and then take control. So you get high level measures, and they get the tools to boost how they feel themselves. Of course there are things the organisation can do too, but this means you’re coming at it from multiple angles.

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Practically Positive's Flourish at Work assessment gives individuals a measure of the extent to which they are flourishing in their current role. It was developed by extensive interviewing of people who love what they do and feel that they are flourishing, followed by all the clever academic statistics needed to make the tool itself valid.

Why might I need an assessment to tell me how I feel?

You may well ask. Our research shows that truly flourishing involves a unique combination of 6 feelings. This tool measures the extent to which you are experiencing the things that bring about those feelings. And more importantly, your individual report will give you personalised, practical tactics you can use to improve how you feel about your work in ways that have been proven to make a difference.

In short, rather than your company ‘engagement survey’, this tool allows you to get an individual measure and take immediate action from the results.

Valuable Autonomous Challenged
Passionate Safe Connected

How does it all work?

Mini questions

Answer 20 questions about what you have experienced at work recently. The answers you provide link directly to the six feelings. All the experiences we ask about came directly from our research with people who love what they do.

Mini graph

Receive an instantly generated report that is just for you. You’ll get an ‘overall flourishing’ score and separate scores for each of the contributing feelings, so that you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts in boosting and maintaining your sense of flourishing.

Mini debrief

Implement 18 different practical tips to help you take control of your sense of flourishing. These are tailored to your results and come from tried and tested positive psychology research. We spend most of our lives at work, so why not do something to get more from that time?

Report sample

Download a sample report

View an example report showing all the goodies you receive after completing the assessment.

You can read more more on the background research by Practically Positive, University of East London and London’s Metropolitan University on the Practically Positive website.

Also available for individuals

Interested in discovering your own sense of flourishing without going via your team or business? We can do that for you. Individual assessments cost just £14.00 + VAT. Follow the link below to find out how to get access now.

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